"I am a vegetarian. I exercise regularly and lead a healthy life. Despite this, I have always suffered from irregular bowel movements. I bless my cousin sister for sharing Releave samples with me two years ago. Since then, I have Releave powder regularly. It has no side effects and I love that it is completely natural!"

Seema Khanna, Mumbai

"My back pain reduced my active lifestyle and I struggled with constipation because of it. I used to feel very uncomfortable and depressed at times as I knew my system was not functioning normally. Releave capsules given by my nutritionist were a blessing—I now feel so clean and comfortable. After regular use, I feel that my digestive system has improved tremendously."

Neelima Patel, Pune

"My father suffered from Parkinson's disease and had major stomach issues. I started him on Releave powder, which solved a lot of his discomfort, and reduced my tension as well. Later I switched him to Releave capsules as he could no longer swallow the powder. Many thanks to my friend Anita, who gave me this product after using it herself."

Anjali Shroff, Madras

"For many years constipation bothered me. The uncomfortable bloated feeling just never left. I tried many products which helped but I never felt satisfied. Finally, when my doctor introduced me to Releave, I felt it was the answer to all my problems. I was happy to get rid of my struggle with hard stools and those terrible bloated feelings!"

Ayaz Minawala, Goa


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