Our Team


  • Kiran Chadha

    Kiran’s relationship with healthcare has always drawn her to create work connected to healthy lifestyles. She was a pioneer in starting the first fitness centre in Chandigarh in the early 2000s, something that later went on to become a nationwide phenomenon. Planet Fitness helped her understand the need to create natural, herbal, preventive products. This insight lead to the birth of Nirwana Herbal Healthcare. Prior to launching Nirwana, Kiran had worked for several years managing the product life-cycle of multiple Ayurveda products. She has always been passionate about brining good health to everyone.
  • Dr. J.S Sodhi

    Dr. Sodhi has long been associated with Nirwana as Herbal Consultant. He is currently Professor of Botany at Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy, Yamuna Nagar. Prior to this, he was Principal and Director at Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Yamuna Nagar. He has an M.Phil and and M.Sc in Botany, and years of research experience and expertise in medicinal and aromatic plants. He has established more than six herbal gardens across the country, including in Adi Badri, Panipat Refinery and Gurgaon.
  • Anu Kulkarni

    Co-founder and a personal friend who has been involved in Nirwana since its inception in 2010, Anu understood the potential of Nirwana’s products, especially Releave, through customer feedback when she was personally involved with marketing the product. This insight led to the birth of Nirwana Herbal Healthcare. Anu is also a hypnotherapist and energy healer, and finds that working with Nirwana is a natural extension of the healing work that she does. Website: www.akatalyst.com.



    Cleanses stomach without causing cramps or diarrhea.

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    Reduces anxiety, stress, insomnia & depression.

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    Arrests hair fall. Controls dandruff, maintains a healthy scalp.

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