Our Farm

Our Farm

Truly of the Earth

Kalesar, our farm, is nestled in nature’s wilderness off the river Yamuna. For us at Nirwana, being truly organic means more than just the absence of chemicals from our production process. The freshness of the earth enriches the purity of the herbs we personally attend to. Being in a protected area in Haryana, the absence of industries in the vicinity reduces the possibilities of pollutants—ensuring only the cleanest air and water for our plants. The only pesticide we use is Azadirachta indica, or neem.

Tended with love

We prefer to create our products in small batches, with personal attention at every step to ensure quality and goodness. We make our own vermicompost to use as manure. These are key practices that promote efficacy and quality satisfaction to our customers. Their feedback and gratitude is our satisfying reward. Freshness of ingredients is always recognised and well received over cold storage herbs used in large scales of production.



    Cleanses stomach without causing cramps or diarrhea.

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    Reduces anxiety, stress, insomnia & depression.

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    Arrests hair fall. Controls dandruff, maintains a healthy scalp.

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